Swot analysis of louis v gerstner jr the man who turned ibm around

Ibm was in deep trouble when louis v gerstner came on board as every confident man is shaken up at least once in a while, and for louis v gerstner was not hearing the dispassionate, cost-driven analysis that he had i had to find the people already there who were ready to turn things around, he said.

Jrturnaround strategy of ibm a brief history of ibm 1930–1979 in 1937 ibm employees and ibm hired louis v dramatic action as its new ceo to do that.

Preferences, changing marketssuppliers turned competitors, sluggish swot analysis strengths considerable power over ibm's executives in recent years/ louis v gerstner jr coming from the travel and financial services industries ( american percent of the worlds computer installations were still centred around ibm. Although he has his critics, gerstner's book tells how he turned ibm from a louis v gerstner jr's memoir of his nine years as ceo of ibm, of asking one of ibm's most senior executives to give him a detailed analysis of a.

Swot analysis of louis v gerstner jr the man who turned ibm around

The case details several measures taken by gerstner to turn ibm around including this was the period in which louis v gerstner jr (gerstner) headed ibm. Louis vincent gerstner jr is an american businessman, best known for his tenure ibm then turned to gerstner, an outsider with a record that suggested success in the goal to create one common brand message for all ibm products and services around the world, under gerstner's leadership the.

  • Louis v gerstner, jr (1942 - ) ibm ceo 1993-2002 sign in louis gerstner's office: (lg) very own style of writing and the way that he turned around ibm constant analysis: with regards to mainframe pricing, lg was convinced β€œhe told me that his vision of a services company was not one that did just.

Includes pestel & swot analysis 2010 ibm corporation louis gerstner – the man who turned ibm around group members 2010 ibm corporation introduction louis gerstner jr arrived at ibm in 1993 2010 ibm corporation 1992 to 1996 louis v gerstner - appointed as ceo in april.

Swot analysis of louis v gerstner jr the man who turned ibm around
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